6 Ways Skydiving Leads to a Healthier Lifestyle By Rick Nelson Far beyond the bustle and bustle of how “crazy” us Skydivers are, is the lesser known reality of how we leave our day to day lives. What’s even more absurd than hurling our bodies towards the planet at speeds of upwards of 120mph, is the surprising fact of how living the lifestyle that we do, actually facilitates a happier and healthy lifestyle. How you say? Well let me take a few moments to break it down. 1) Increased participation in similar sports. Like myself, many other skydivers share a strong enthusiasm for nature and outdoors. We mostly do it, not for the thrill, but for the peace that jumping from an airplane brings with it. It is a unique feeling that we live to capture, yet we know that the world has similar treasures to offer us in their own unique ways and we are apt to go and find it! Whether it’s through solving technical puzzles climbing a cliff face, exploring new hikes in mountainous or coastal regions, or navigating some class 5 rapids, our thirst for adventure never fails to deliver. As you can imagine, to take part in these activities requires some at times intense level of physical fitness. You won’t find us sitting down on the couch very often! 2) Healthy Eating and lifestyle habits. The majority of Skydivers are extremely passionate about the sport, and as a result almost anyone you ask either currently, or has competed in various disciplines at some point in their career. Like any other athlete, training for a Skydiving competition can be very demanding, and not only that, those who work as full time instructors at high paced drop zones can attest to the fatigue of both mind and body when performing at an upbeat pace. For this reason, many Skydivers make a great effort to take care of their body, and a healthy diet is no exception. We strive for the right fuel and nutrition for our bodies, and combine it with a regular regime of stretching to keep us limber!. 3) Working out In keeping with the theme above, the body is a temple and should be taken care of. A lot of Skydivers who are in a heavy training cycle workout regularly to not only maintain their fitness level, but to often improve their strength and endurance in an effort to boost their performance. 4) Travel Opportunities. Skydiving is our best excuse to get out and see the world as often as we can. While everyone has certain travel destinations they’d ideally love to go see, the unique aspect of our sport is we can travel anywhere in the world and find gainful employment! It’s like having an office that times shares the globe! Wouldn’t love to take a break from winter and just go visit your companies sister headquarters in Hawaii? I don’t know about you but Skydiving in T Shirt and shorts over the beach in the middle of the winter doesn’t suck! 5) Reduced Stress. Skydivers are the happiest, most easy going, positive and loving people I have ever met in my life. We’re the kind of people that you run into the grocery store and are actually annoyed with how overly enthusiastic, happy and bubbly we seem, to the point where you tell yourself it’s impossible for anyone to be THAT happy all the time. Well take it from us, if you could experience the things we do every single day, you’d have a hard time getting the bounce out of your step! 6) Nature itself. Overall, being the futuristic hippies that we are, we simply just love nature and experiencing every aspect of it that we can. Society has a tendency to get lost itself and with that people often fail to see in just how beautiful of a world we live in. We are the voices screaming to wake up and go do the things that make you happy, to appreciate the love and beauty that surrounds you and for that in itself to ignite your own passionate fire to go chase it. This is certainly not a sport for everyone, but for those of us who are in it, it most definitely is everything.