Licensed Jumpers

DZ Information

Calgary Skydive operates out of the Innisfail Airport, about 60 minutes north of downtown Calgary.

We are full service skydive center, custom designed as a student training and experienced jumper progression dropzone. We welcome fun jumpers of all experience, disciplines and backgrounds. Come jump with us to take advantage of mid-sized DZ facilities with a small community vibe and heaps of fun jumper events. We fly the industry’s only Black Panther Navajo, an extremely fast twin engine, piston aircraft with a capacity of 10 jumpers, and occasionally have speciality aircraft available. We have vibrant fun jumper crew with interests in all disciplines. Calgary Skydive has invested millions in dropzone expansions over the previous couple of years to improve the facilities. We are growing dropzone that was recently acquired by Edmonton Skydive. Over the next few seasons, expect to see the same expansion of programs, events and facilities that you’ve come to expect from one of the largest skydive operations in the country

DZ Rules


Flight & Freefall

  • Seat belts must be worn in flight until 1500 feet.
  • Helmets and all accessories must be fastened and secured until 1500 feet.
  • Pre-Exit handles and pin checks are mandatory.
  • Proper exit separation is required. Please ask a staff member or consult the exit separation guide based on the aircraft ground speed on jump run.
  • Minimum deployment altitude is 3000 feet for all jumpers regardless of license.

Landing Pattern

  • The first person down sets the pattern with the intention of landing into the wind.
  • If landing to the West or North, please use a right hand pattern and vice versa.
  • No sashaying, spirals or crossing the runway below 1000 feet.
  • Downwind landings are only permitted on a dedicated low pass, and jumpers must be approved by the CI or DZO.
  • High performance turns are allowed, however, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the airspace is clear. Swooping is not a right; you must abort your turn if there is any traffic.

Other DZ Rules

  • All gear must be airworthy and is subject to inspection by Calgary Skydive.
  • Reserves must be in date.
  • AADs are mandatory for jumpers that have less than 500 jumps or a “C” Cop (or equivalent).
  • There are many extremely good off DZ landing options. If you find yourself in a position that you need to land off DZ, please pick the safest option.
  • Be respectful of the option that was available to you by not damaging crops on your walk out to the nearest road. We will dispatch a vehicle to pick you up at the nearest road.

Facilities Etiquette

Gear Racks are for day use only. Please do not leave your gear in the hangar after hours. The hangar will be closed 30 minutes after the last load lands. All gear must be packed and removed 30 minutes after the last load so please pack and then debrief.

Please ensure your account is settled, your gear packed up and removed from the hangar prior to hanging out in the bar/restaurant. Please help us keep the facilities looking incredible by using recycle bins, placing trash in bins and be respectful of the facilities. Absolutely No Pets are permitted at Calgary Skydive. Pets are not allowed in our facility, or on the airport for that matter. Please do not bring your pets and put us in the uncomfortable position of asking you to leave.

License Jumper Requirements

CSPA or FAI Membership

vancouver tandem skydive step 1

CSPA CoP or Foreign License Equivalent. CSPA Membership or FAI Foreign Equivalent

Reserve Data CArd

vancouver tandem skydive step 2

Reserve Data Card


vancouver tandem skydive step 3

You must present your logbook and be current.

Gear for Inspection

vancouver tandem skydive step 4

Your gear must be inspected by a Calgary Skydive staff member.

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