Vancouver Skydive Facilities

The Black Panther

Vancouver Skydive flies the only Black Panther Navajo in the world. It’s fitted with two extra large engines to get you the highest jumps in British Columbia, plush benches to enjoy your VanCity and mountainous flight, and a sick paint job that makes you feel like you’re about to drop into a secret covert operation. Even though it’s all about the skydive, we want to make sure you enjoy the ride up to altitude as well. We also fly a 305 hp, Cessna 205, that carries six jumpers to the top in about 18 minutes.

Training Room

Our training room is fully equipped to train you and your friends for your skydive. It’s equipped with a large TV so if you can’t wait to watch your video, you can check it out there before you leave.


Phones, wallets, keys and other valuables should never be taken on a skydive. We provide free lockers to ensure your valuables are safe while you’re out having fun.


Make use of our free Wi-Fi during downtime by sharing every part of your Vancouver Skydive experience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Pitt Meadows Local Attractions

Vancouver Skydive is located at Pitt Meadows Regional Airport. The city of Pitt Meadows is located within 30 minutes of downtown Vancouver. Within a couple of minutes drive from the airport, there are funky areas such as Osprey Village that have numerous dining, shopping or relaxing options. And if you want to top up on adventure, Pitt Meadows has more than 100 kilometers of hiking and riding trails, as well as windsurfing, water skiing, fishing and kayaking activities.

*Important Airport Considerations*

Please bear in mind that this is a skydiving operation on an active airport and thus, absolutely NO pets are permitted on site.