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You’re here, whether you realize now or after your jump, on a transformative experience. You might be fulfilling a lifelong dream, challenging yourself to face a fear, looking for a new passion, trying to get a little spark back in your life or celebrating a big milestone in a new, exciting way. Regardless, you’re going to come out the other side a happier, more confident and adventurous person.

At Calgary Skydive, we are checking off bucket lists and making dreams come true everyday. Sharing that process with you provides us with a genuinely deep level of happiness and a little taste of that first jump feeling again. We consider your time with us to be a privilege. If you ask what Calgary Skydive is all about and what truly makes it different from other skydive centers around the world, that’s it. We feel extremely privileged to be part of your first jump, first solo or earning your license experience, and we reciprocate that energy back to you.

We support a “good vibes only” business model. It starts with the people. They’re a group of office escapees, sun chasers, and dream seekers. We find the most fun, positive, skydiving obsessed, rockstars to work with us. They’re an extremely diverse group from all over the world with interesting backgrounds, fabulous stories and all have a different approach to teaching and instructing. You could do five tandems with five of our instructors and you’re experience would vary each time.

At the beginning of 2018, Calgary Skydive was acquired by Edmonton Skydive. Calgary Skydive now falls under the same ownership and management group that transformed a small, relatively unknown skydive center into one of the largest, most dynamic in the country that produces some of the best jumpers. Our goal is to continue a similar development and expansion at our Calgary location, and collectively, build the largest skydive, most progressive skydive organization in the country.

Premium Adventure Outing

In a world where the all of the Disneyland’s are for kids, we’ve created the ultimate adult extreme recreational resort, the “Queenstown of Alberta”. A place designed only for people to experience awe. There’s only a handful of skydive centers in the world as well developed as ours.

Calgary Skydive has invested millions of dollars over the past few years in facility expansions and upgrades to improve your skydive experience. We sport extremely modern and comfortable facilities, including spacious hangars, restaurant and bar, overnight accommodations, large landing and viewing area and entertainment areas. We fly extremely fast twin engine aircraft for additional safety (two is always better than one) and to get you to where you want to be quickly. We have a great viewing area and encourage you to bring your cheering section to share your skydive adventure!
Good Vibes OnlyRockstar Team Members
Dedicated TrainingPurpose Built Skydive Center
Adult’s DisneylandAdventurer’s Paradise

We think of a skydive experience as a first trip to Disneyland for kids; our goal is to deliver the adult equivalent of awe and fun, with a big hit of adrenaline (see adults to get to have more fun). After all, if it’s not comfortable, it’s not premium.

But we know the experience starts even before you arrive at Calgary Skydive. We’ve developed an extensive amount of resources to help you overcome potential nervousness or anxiety, to properly educate you on expectations of the experience (as much as possible with words) and generally prepare you to smash your fears and blow your mind.

Location Location

Skydiving in Calgary is an easy half-day adventure. Our jump location is at the Innisfail Airport; an easy 65 minute drive from downtown.

The jump location is on the edge of the Rockies, on the western horizon. On clear days, you can enjoy views of the mountains. We are easily accessible from Calgary (65 min(, Airdrie (45 min), and Banff (2 1/4 hours).


Alberta Wide

Between our Calgary and Edmonton locations, and our ability to share and move resources, we offer more flexibility and jump opportunities for you. We can move staff or airplanes to accommodate large groups in just a few hours.

If weather in Calgary is not be suitable for jumping we may drop at our other location and transport you back. Essentially, almost whatever you had planned for your skydiving experience, we can accommodate it between our two locations.


Customer Focus

Our business has been purpose built to be best in class. Making this an incredible, life-changing experience is our mission. Our team is here to ensure that the birthday jump is epic or that childhood dream of flight is as magical as you imagined.

We have the perfect environment for first jump tandem skydive and learn to skydive programs with amazing training tools, staff and extremely large landing area. Our new facilities, make the moments between the moments almost as special.

We Don’t Discount Safety

We’ve implemented the same protocols, procedures and culture that we’ve utilized at, our sister dropzone, Edmonton Skydive. It holds one of the best student safety records in the country for almost 35 years.

When you jump with us you can expect safety without compromise. That might mean you are disappointed because you’re not able to jump due to changing weather or precautions with air traffic. We will get you in the air when it is safe but we will not bend outside of safe jumping conditions. .

Jump With Calgary Skydive!

  • Our skydiving center is the top-rated in the Calgary Region; only 65 minutes from downtown.
  • A premium skydiving experience that immerses you in the skydiving culture and lifestyle, truly focused on the experience by providing the most information prior to your jump, ensuring your comfort and inclusiveness during the entire experience.
  • Culture of safety and well-being above everything else, even when that means at the expense of customer service and the experience, which we value greatly.
  • Industry leading facilities to enhance the experience: fastest and most comfortable airplanes, comfortable facilities and rock star instructors.
  • More than 35 years of skydiving experience and a management team that operates the second-largest skydiving operations in Canada.