Skydive Gift Cards

The Gift of Adventure

Beautiful things happen to you if you do good things for other people.

Looking to reclaim favourite child status, impress the boss or get yourself out of the doghouse with your spouse? Whether you’re in it to impress, make up for a past transgression, looking to ride the karma train or you’re just a rad person, the best gift to give is a skydive gift card. Giving the gift of human flight means you’re about to claim best present received EVER!

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Did you know that science has proven that giving epic experiences are the most memorable and best gifts. Researches from Harvard, Cornell and the University of Toronto have all come to the same conclusion: experiences make us happy and are memorable. You can’t argue with science’s “Five Reasons Why Skydive Gift Cards Make The Best Presents” .

Special Occasion Gifts

It’s your world, and your life, so define holiday spirit however you want! We like to think of it as adventure. And we could all use some more adventure in our lives.

We’ve helped thousands of people celebrate birthdays in extraordinary fashion and checked off more number one bucket list items than anywhere else in Calgary. Whether it’s celebrating a new beginning like a bachelor or bachelorette party or a new house, or capping off a big achievement like graduation or retirement, a skydive gift certificate is an incredible way to celebrate the experience.

Life is a boomerang. What you give, you get.

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The Ultimate Risk Free Experiential Gift Card

  • Redeemable at both Calgary Skydive and Edmonton Skydive
  • Never expire (dollar value of the purchase will always be on account)
  • Replaceable if lost, misplaced or stolen.
  • Transferable to friends or family.
  • Non refundable, but transferable and dollar values never expire.
  • Customize with personal message and immediately emailed to inbox of your choice.
  • Multiple packages, options or dollar denominations available.

Five Reasons Why Skydive Gifts Are The Best!

Experiential Gifts, particularly Skydiving Experiences, Are More Memorable.

Harvard Psychologist and New York Times Best Selling author, Daniel Gilbert and co-researcher Matthew Killingsworth concluded that experiences connect us to achievement, and that “happiness is in the content of moment-to-moment experiences.” For bucket listers, fear smashers or adventure seekers, skydiving is a top of the list, ultra present moment achievement, making it the perfect experiential gift.

If you think of five of the most memorable, happy moments in your life, there’s a strong probability that all five of those moments in your life were experience based. Our brain is hardwired to store memories of positive experiences because of the social, physical and mental connections associated with experiences. While material items last longer, they provide only a momentary bump on the bliss scale irregardless of the size or value of the item.

2. Skydive Gifts Provide Opportunities For Intense Social Connection.

When people spend money on experiences versus material items there tends to be increased happiness. This idea is validated in an article in the Journal of Consumer Psychology by Cornell Psychology Professors Thomas Gilovich, Amit Kumar and Killingsworth. One of the main reasons is because people form stronger bonds during high focus, adrenaline fueled and fun experiences. And moreover, bonds strengthen with a shared interest in chasing similar adventures.

Because it’s such a rollercoaster of emotions and pure moments of bliss, a skydive adventure can turn strangers into friends, friends into besties, and family into BFF’s. If you want to see how your lover faces fears or your friend on the ultimate high, give them a skydive gift certificate and tag along for the ride.

3. Skydive Gift Cards Double Down on Value with The Thrill of Anticipation.

One of the coolest, and most overlooked advantages of gifting gift cards is that in addition to the gift itself, you also get to experience the anticipation of that gift. It’s like getting two presents in one! And that amplifies for gifting experience. In the study, “Waiting for Merlot” conducted by Cornell University, UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, determined that “the anticipation of an experience far outweighed the anticipation of receiving a material item.”

Science and research aside, it’s a concept we all understand and have experienced. When you can’t always live in a moment, it’s best to live in anticipation of an awesome experience. Simply thinking about the excitement, challenges, achievements and fun of an experience like a hike, concert or vacation evokes strong positive emotions; imagine how amplified those are when the experience is jumping from a perfectly good airplane from 12,500 feet above the ground and rocketing through the sky at 200 km/h!

4. Gift giving makes us happy.

Generosity is scientifically proven to make us happier. We thrive off the emotional response of giving gifts, and share the recipient’s experience of surprise, love and gratitude. The act of giving triggers the release of endorphins in the body, producing pleasurable responses similar to those that are created by sentiments of love and adventure.

We develop deep bonds with those that demonstrate acts of appreciation and love, and understanding during challenging times. And those bonds have been proven to outlast virtually any material item we may acquire during our lifetime.

Having seen people gift others skydives for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and all kinds of other special occasions, we see and feel the good vibes being shared. And while you can’t really understand anyone else’s skydive experience, it is pure awesomeness to be surrounded in the ecstasy and wonderment after someone has landed from their first jump.

5. Demonstrate Genuine Thoughtfulness.

Gift cards sometimes get a bad rap for being a lazy gift but that is actually a false narrative when they are used to gift experiences. What does getting a shirt or a new blender say about how much effort you exerted into this gift? It say’s that I know blue is your favourite colour or that your old blender isn’t working well.

An experience, on the other hand, has to be tailored completely to that individual’s desires, personality, adventure level, schedule and fitness level. A four day mountain hike might not be the experience your mother is after; or maybe it is but you need to think about it. And while anyone in reasonable physical condition can skydive and probably want to, it might not be their desired activity (we highly doubt it though).

A gift that lets a special person in your life chase a dream, check an item off the bucket list or explore a new frontier shows that you know what is most important in their life. And in the end, the greatest gift you can give is time; 60 magical, unforgettable, thrilling seconds to be exact.

Pro Skydiver Gift Giving Tips

The Right Fit

vancouver tandem skydive step 1

Verify that your giftee meets the physical requirements 

Be A Participator

vancouver tandem skydive step 2

Make it an adventurous bonding experience. Book yourself in for a jump too!

Get Personal

vancouver tandem skydive step 3

Customize the gift certificate with your personal message when purchasing.  

Load It Up

vancouver tandem skydive step 4

Get a fully loaded option with video and pictures to eternalize the experience