Tandem Skydive Pricing

Skydive Prices

As people who have left corporate and professional careers to pursue a life of passion, we firmly believe (and are confident you will too) that skydiving is one of the most incredible life experiences. There’s a reason everyone that jumps says that very same thing after their jump! And our philosophy is to ensure every aspect of your jump aligns with that expectation.

Therefore at Calgary Skydive, you should expect nothing less than a premium skydiving experience – with the highest standards in customer service, safety, impeccable facilities, and generally all-around good times and good vibes. Whether that includes the exhaustive list of tools and resources we’ve developed to educate you about your first jump experience, to tools to make it easy to book, manage and grow your own group of jumpers, to the moment you walk into our purpose-built, ultra-modern skydive facilities, we’d love to have the privilege to introduce you to human flight. And we do all this while offering the best skydiving in the country at national industry standard rates. This is how Calgary Skydive, part of the Alberta Skydive group of companies has become the largest skydiving operation in Canada.

Skydive Pricing

Service Price
10,00′ Tandem Skydive $299 – $329/person
13,000′ Tandem Skydive $349 – $379/person

Although we constantly review our processes to improve our cycle times and efficiencies, some time down is unavoidable when parachutes and airplanes are involved. So, we spent lots of time, energy, and money to make sure the moments between the moments are enjoyable as well. Our brand new, commercial restaurant, bar, and entertainment area is there for you to grab a snack, soak up the skydiver vibe or have a celebratory drink (only after your jump of course).

As the closest skydive center to Calgary, you also get the convenience of the shortest drive from anywhere in the city, while jumping in a location that provides views of the Badlands and Rocky Mountains on clear days.
“I spent most of my money on skydiving. The rest I just wasted.”

– Every Skydiver Ever

Location and facilities aside, in the end, it’s the people that make the experience. We search the globe to hire the most experienced and stoked on life instructors that understand the privilege of introducing people to the glorious world of human flight.

You only get to do your first jump once, and if it’s going to be your only one, make sure you do it in a place that’s going to rock your world! At least that’s what everyone keeps telling us on our reviews.

Understanding Tandem Skydive Costs

We don’t speak for, or about, any other skydive center but the fact remains that the input costs (airplanes, hangar, skydive equipment, good staff, etc) for skydiving are expensive.

If you find yourself somewhere in the world that is offering skydiving prices well below industry standards, then please do some research. There are two ways to offer highly discounted skydives; one is to cut corners on airplanes, equipment, maintenance on both airplanes and equipment, or quality of instructors. The other is to offer highly discounted jumps at a loss. Calgary Skydive does not support either of those business practices. Neither is a way to build one of the largest skydiving schools in the country. We’re able to offer a premium experience because we’re busy (our customers are happy and recommend the experience to their friends and family) and we’re extremely efficient. We also firmly believe in offering a premium experience. It attracts the best and brightest people, and only good vibes. And as such, we’ve been recognized by multiple sources as innovators, leaders, and pioneers in the industry, and have the largest school in the country

We Don’t Discount Safety

Safety is paramount. Our business operates under the philosophy that We Don’t Discount Safety. Our airplane maintenance exceeds industry standards. We purchase new skydiving systems and parachutes every two to three years and sell off our older equipment, and we put in the extra work to find the very best and most experienced staff. Anything else is unequivocally contrary to the philosophy and morals of our business and our team.