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Memories For A Lifetime

Life’s highlight reel is not complete without your skydive. It’s hard to imagine not capturing the first steps, graduation or wedding day, and while you might not imagine a skydive to have that profound of an effect on your life, it will. You’re about to tackle one of the most transformative and blissful experiences of your life. A few videos and pictures reignite all of the amazing memories.

While a skydive will be one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime, it’s actually quite common to forget some of the finer, and most entertaining, details. That “in the moment” phrase, that nervous excited smile, that facial expression of pure bliss, the shape and contour of the cloud you pass by or the intense colours of that sunset can blur in the mind’s eye when time passes without a sensory reminder. Lock those details forever with video and pictures.

Unexpected Benefits of Media Packages

About 80% of first jumpers get a video or picture package, and many of the other 20% end up regretting their decision. You can order video or pictures on the day of your jump but unfortunately, we can’t turn the clock back after you exit that airplane.

Many soon-to-be jumpers underestimate the effects that an extreme shot of adrenaline and an ultra present moment experience has on the brain. It’s quite common for the first jump to seem shorter than in reality. And sometimes, sensory overload can get the best of us, particularly during key moments of your first jump. Some jumpers might forget or not cognitively process that sweet backflip exit you did. Video or pictures can actually unlock some of those memories caught in sensory overload purgatory.

Shareable, Editable, HD Media Packages

We shoot and edit in real-time, meaning your video or pictures will have a complete storyboard and natural end-to-end sequence. We capture the entire experience starting with meeting your instructor to boarding the airplane, freefall, parachute ride, landing and post jump commentary. We utilize the best available, high definition action cameras available that work within the skydiving environment. Using a dual-camera, typically GoPro 4s or higher, system enables one dedicated camera for capturing video and the other dedicated to taking pictures.

All of our videos are shot in minimum 1080 HD, provided in raw (MP4) file format allowing you the most flexibility to edit, upload and/or share with family, friends or the entire world. Our experience is that with the plethora of user friendly editing tools most of our customers want to put their own style to their experience. We changed our process to support what our customers want. No forced music, branded logos, editing format, or difficult and extra long video formats that make sharing on Facebook and Instagram difficult. It’s your experience so we support you being you.

We review all media files immediately after you land to ensure they meet or exceed our quality and quantity standards. Files will be placed on a Calgary Skydive 8GB USB drive for you to keep, and given to you typically within 15-20 minutes after you jump. That’s just long enough for you to de-gear, slow your heart rate and process this life changing experience! We encourage you to use our facilities to watch your videos or pictures before leaving. Kick back, enjoy a post-jump beer at our bar and relive the entire experience with friends, family and our staff.

Pro Skydiver Media Tips

Focus 101

vancouver tandem skydive step 1

It might be an obvious tip but look at the camera occasionally but on a first jump the intensity and beautiful scenery may steal your focus. We fully understand and want you to appreciate all the sensations in the present moment. So, if you forget to occasionally look at the camera, our team will point at it a few times to ensure we capture a few rockstar shots.

Dentistry 101

vancouver tandem skydive step 2

Most people are smiling almost uncontrollably in freefall regardless. But make sure you give the camera a big smile. In addition to getting the best pictures and video, it also has the subconscious psychological benefit of further relaxing you. A big natural smile showing your pearly whites makes for the best pictures. We recommend not opening your mouth or jaw because 200 km/h wind can essentially inflate it; unless of course you want a funny picture or clip.

Fashion 101

vancouver tandem skydive step 3

We recommend close fitting clothes that allow movement. Snug, long sleeve or thermal and yoga, jeans, or athletic pants are all functional and fashionable. Blue skies and puffy white clouds provide beautiful backgrounds so use the full colour spectrum of your wardrobe with either contrasting dark or bright colours.

Embrace alternative fashion! Wear a superhero, celebrity, animal or original costume. We love it and it makes for amazing video and pictures!

Modelling 101

vancouver tandem skydive step 4

Occasionally looking at the camera (left), smiling and geeking it for a couple of seconds is the best way to get top quality videos and pictures. Try not to place your left hand between your face and the camera as this will obstruct the shot. When the instructor points to the camera, turn your right ear to the ground and look at the camera to the left. You’ll get a wider angle shot with more of the background exposed.

Geeking 101

vancouver tandem skydive step 5

There’s a fine art to expert level geeking. It’s about finding the right pose for your personality. Rock out the devil horns, hang loose, thumbs up or point. Or get creative with freefall hearts, superman or written messages.

Our cameras take pictures every second and they take a split second to focus so holding a pose ensures we get a few opportunities to get the best pictures and video.

Timing 101

vancouver tandem skydive step 6

Skydivers operate in a challenging environment. Every picture and every frame of video is under constantly changing conditions. Our team is highly skilled in framing and utilizing the best available light conditions.

We recommend for the very best video and pictures you take advantage of soft light. It occurs when the sun is low on the horizon during the morning and evening. So making a booking early in the morning as it is slightly nicer lighting.

Editing 101

vancouver tandem skydive step 7

We provide unedited media files in their native formats (JPG, MP4). There are many free, easy tools to make enhancements. For pictures, adjusting lighting, cropping, removing blushes or adding a filter can take your pictures to the next level. We recommend Photoshop Express, PhotoEditor, BeFunky or GIMP. Basic video editing (trimming, adding titles and music) can turn your footage into a story. Good, free editors include iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Lightworks, OpenShot and Shotcut.

Sharing 101

vancouver tandem skydive step 8

Share your incredible skydive experience with the world through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. To get maximum engagement we recommend sharing only a handful of pictures and to keep video clips to 90 seconds or less.

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